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Zavanti provides complete lifecycle management solutions for clients in the Real Estate industry globally. 
Zavanti for Social and Affordable housing is a fully integrated end to end system powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 spanning marketing, customer engagement, tenancy and property management. The solution is fully managed and hosted and paid on a monthly subscription basis. 
Zavanti understands that organisations providing Social and Affordable Housing have specific processes, requirements and regulatory needs. We also understand that ideally you need the capability to manage properties, applications, assets, facilities, tenants, rentals within a single solution.
Unlike commercial property developers and managers, Social and Affordable housing providers have responsibility for ensuring the equitable supply and availability of housing options, based upon specific customer demographics and income. This information is one of the key drivers in your calculations for rent and purchase modelling.
The solution can be integrated with Zavanti ERP for full financial management, control and reporting.